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Nov 29, 2013 4:00pm EST
businesses are the first ones to fall out. we don't have the deep pocketbooks that some of the big companies have. >> coming up at 5:00, david culver will be live in oldtown for more on tomorrow's big effort. >>> alexandria is offering you a cheap and easy way to get to your favorite stores. the trolley started running to get you there to shop. the trolley will run every 15 minutes until 10:15 tonight and is absolutely froo free. lots of stores are offering discounts up to 30% right now. >>> the washington suburban sanitary commission is hoping to have the water back up and runninging in rockville. over the scene earlier, you can see the huge mess it made of that road. this is south lawn lane. we are told the break impacted 44 customers including the animal shelter. no word on what caused the break. >>> police say a maryland woman fought off an attempted sexual assault this morning. she was just about to take the trash out. this is before 2:00 on possum court in capital heights. that's when a man hit her, knocked her to the ground, she managed to get away after a brief struggle. police broug
Nov 22, 2013 4:00pm EST
don't have strong leads, yet, in this case. >>> good day and great week for wall street. here is a live look at the new york stock change. &p all up.s closing with the nd the dow up 50 points on the day. the s&p set day records. >>> right now, a royal visit happening at the white house. president obama is hosting king mohammad the sixth of morocco. the two leaders are expected to discuss a number of topics including the situation in the middle east and promoting economic development in africa. >>> first lady michelle obama took time out to honor special educators. they are the winners of national arts and humanities awards. it recognizes teachers and youth that uses art to uplift the lives of the nation's young people. each group gets $10,000. >>> ralph lauren, calvin klein, coach, some of the designers open in our area in a brand-new outlet mall. crowds of shoppers a a big deal. >>> you name dropper. is this a cougar like the post says? if not, what else could it be? >> your last chance, the deadline approaching tonight for the national zoo's new panda cub. >>> the virginia s
Nov 27, 2013 4:00pm EST
. >> reporter: please don't make me sing, he begged her. by which he obviously went please get me on stage, jon bon jovi liked the idea. >> i think he's very fond of singing "living on the prayer." i think i read that in the papers before. we'll see if we get a duet out of him. ♪ my life is brilliant >> reporter: so after stellar performances at the winder wonderland gala ball, raising money for a homeless charity, thousands of dollars a ticket, taylor swift pulled a reluctant duke of cambridge from the audience. the prince composed himself and found a rhythm. and got at least half way there. prince william there more often heard god save the queen. he got i long very well with taylor swift, it certainly appear that had way. they had a long conversation. let's hope they understood each other because at one point taylor swift was asked a question by a british reporter and she leaned in and said, i love your accent. i haven't got a clue what you're saying. back to you. >> they sounded okay. >> half way there. like he said. >> when those are your singing mates, you keep your voice down low. let
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3